"I’m so grateful she came into my life , Nadine is someone you will never forget and she will always have a special place in my heart. She made me feel so welcome, heard, safe and most of all you could really see and FEEL the passion she has for her clients and Reiki. This isn’t a job for her, it is evident this is her life calling, her soul purpose. Her calm, warm energy , professionalism, incredible kindness and compassion have not only been healing, but her reiki sessions helped me feel at ease, grounded and empowered. Thank YOU Nadine!" - Adriana

"Nadine is a very gifted intuitive practitioner. My experiences with her have been transformational. She’s gentle, yet powerful in her practice. Her knowledge and skill in sound healing is mesmerizing. I left her studio feeling as though I was literally floating on air, completely pain-free and emotionally replenished. I highly recommend her." - Andrea

Nadine is an empathetic and incredibly gifted intuitive healer. I’ve had sessions with her in person as well as remotely and have left feeling lighter, clearer and more ‘in tune’ with my own strength. They have truly been a gift. I highly recommend her. She is a genuine, beautiful soul and I am truly grateful for her.” - Sandra

“Yesterday I had a beautiful long distance reiki session with the incredible Nadine from @healingwithin_reiki. During our session together I felt my body relax to levels I haven’t experienced in some time as well as I released some darkness I have been holding on to. After our healing session she provided me with intuitive guidance. Everything she told me was exactly what relates in my current life, what I know I need to release and what I desire for my future. If you are looking to release, recharge and get some clarity I highly recommend giving one of her sessions a try! ♥” - Michael

"Nadine is compassionate, intuitive and supremely gifted. I had a session with her when I was going through a major transition in my life. I left her practice with the clarity and strength I needed to embrace the change that was occurring. I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Deborah

From beginning to end, my experience felt customized to my spiritual journey and comfort. The treatment itself was impactful, nurturing, informative and completely professional. I was left with a feeling of purpose and I am really looking forward to my next session” - Richard

“Nadine is an extremely talented energy specialist. Her treatments are intuitive, deep and completely hit the mark. A session with Nadine is a complete treat. ” - Debra