Reiki Classes & Workshops in Vancouver, BC

"Nadine guided me through the Holy Fire Reiki III Master Teacher Course with love, wisdom and compassion. It was a transformative and healing experience. She is such a strong healer and teacher!! Thank you Nadine!" - Rosita

Holy Fire III Reiki I

Online &  Vancouver Studio Classes Available

There is no prerequisite to this class and no experience required. Expand your knowledge about Reiki energy healing and be able to practice self-healing. 

The Usui Holy Fire Reiki comes from a higher level of consciousness and is a more refined energy that provides gentle, but very powerful healing. 

Requirements: None  

full day class (10 am - 6 pm)

*Private Classes only 5 hours

Holy Fire III Reiki II

Online & Vancouver Studio Classes Available

Learn the powerful Reiki symbols to enhance your level of energy healing so that you can heal others in person and utilize long distance healing. 

Requirements: Usui or Holy Fire Level I certification. 

full day class (10 am - 6 pm) 

*Private Classes only 5.5 hours

Holy Fire III Reiki III & Master Teacher Combined Workshop

This three day workshop includes both your Level III and your Master Teacher Training. You will receive all profound ignition ceremonies to become certified at the mastery level of Holy Fire Reiki and be able to teach all levels of Reiki both online & in person.

Requirements: A minimum of six months since your Usui or Holy Fire Level II certification.

3 days (10 am – 6 pm daily)

*Private Classes only 2.5 days

Reiki is non-denominational. Anyone can learn about Reiki, regardless of what religion you practice or beliefs you follow. 

 Students are encouraged to receive a Reiki session prior to classes & workshops to clear their energy in preparation for their experience.

'Going Within' - Private Group or Corporate Sessions

Bring a transformational experience to your friend group or business team!

Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Tarot & Oracle Cards with Intuitive Guidance, Guided Meditation, Crystal Therapy, and Relaxation Techniques can all be included in your customized session. Available online, at the Vancouver studio or at your preferred location.