"Nadine made me feel so welcome, heard, and safe. Most of all, you could really see and FEEL the passion she has for her clients and Reiki. 

This isn’t a job for her, it is evident this is her life calling, her soul purpose."

What is Reiki?

Reiki is derived from the Japanese words REI (spiritual wisdom) and KI (life force energy) meaning "Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy" Reiki works with the energy that exists within your body to balance and clear negativity, blockages and emotional trauma that may be causing inflammation, disease or illness. It is a safe, gentle energy healing practice that dates back to 1914. 

Many people say they feel lighter and calmer after a session, significantly more grounded and able to get a restful night's sleep. 

Reiki Sessions

In-person Reiki sessions are offered at the studio in Vancouver British Columbia, which provides a calm and restorative environment so that you feel supported and relaxed. 

Sessions involve you lying comfortably, fully clothed on a Reiki table to receive the Reiki energy with a hands-off or hands-on practice, depending on your preference. 

As energy has no physical limitations, Reiki can also be sent long distance to wherever you are in the world and the benefits are equal to an in-person session. 

How Reiki Heals

We all experience varying levels of stress in our daily lives and that has a strong impact on the health of our mind, body and spirit. 

I invite you to discover the profound healing power of Reiki.

If you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, fatigued, unhappy or unhealthy, Reiki can align your energy and clear density to promote a feeling of deep relaxation, peace and balance. 

Sound healing with authentic Himalayan bowls & chimes are added for another layer of healing at a cellular level.


When you gift a Reiki & Sound Healing Session to a friend or loved one; you will receive 50% off an additional session for YOURSELF! Reiki is an ideal gift for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, inflammation, pain or illness. But it's also perfect for those who simply want to feel clearer, lighter, calmer and more centred. Promotion is valid for both Distance Healing sessions and Vancouver studio sessions. (Pssst...both sessions can be for you!)